SHHHTOP Slamming Doors

Stop Slamming doors permanently with the Anti Slam Door device - Shhhtop.

No More Slamming Doors.
Safety proof you home.
Protect your loved ones.
Be the Master of you home.
Live in Peace.

Before you endure the sinking feeling of watching your little one screaming in pain, safety proof you home with the Shhhtop Door Damper.

Your home may not be as safe as you’d think. Danger lurks at every door. Slamming doors is one of the most notorious safety concerns in homes today. Not only are they hazard to children, the elderly and pets are at risk. Slamming doors are nuisance and cause stress.

Hearing the sudden scream of your little one because a door slammed shut on their tiny hand is heartbreaking.
Thankfully, injuries like this can be prevented using

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What makes the Shhhtop Door Damper so great?

Shhhtop provides a better alternative than conventional door dampers and stoppers for ensuring doors don’t slam shut when other doors and windows are open to let in fresh air.

It’s discreet and invisible once installed.

The Revolutionary Solution to Ending Slamming Doors


Family Friendly - Little Fingers of loved ones are safe from getting trapped and injured.

• Peaceful - The Easy to Install Door Damper eliminates the loud fright of a slamming door.

• Unseen - The Door Damper is Discreet and unnoticeable once installed.

• Easy to Install - Anyone can install and can be done in as little as 60 seconds.

• Design - Australian designed in WA with full patent rights

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Australia’s go-to Door Damper for ending slamming doors

Perfect for your home, family, and budget, Shhhtop Door Damper is your best bet if you truly want to put a halt to the dangers of slamming doors.

Get yours here.